Robert Broski - "A. Lincoln"

Robert Broski (Abraham Lincoln) says that even though he was born and raised in Southern California, not Kentucky, he was destined to play Abe Lincoln.

Because of a desire in his heart, Robert decided to make a commitment to bring Abraham Lincoln "ALIVE" to whomever was interested in knowing more about this great President.

He has portrayed Mr. Lincoln in films, commercials, television, plays, and print work. Robert has enlightened students and adults about President Lincoln through programs at schools, churches, book fairs, and Presidential libraries. Women's groups and republican clubs have invited him to be their guest speaker. Other events include civil war reenactments, modeling for art classes, and modeling for a bronze statue.

Robert would like to thank his wife Dianne, and his children for their support and putting up with all of his "Four Scores" and such.
Comparisons to Lincoln
6' 4" 6' 4"
160 lbs 155 lbs
14 Shoe Size 14 Shoe Size
Mole on right side of face Mole on right side of face
Parted hair on left side Parts hair on left side
Wood Splitter Ran a wood splitter
Planted pumpkin seeds Planted pumpkin seeds
Wrestler Arm Wrestler
Worked at a general store Worked at a grocery store
Liked fishing Likes fishing
Loved to read Loves to read
Honest Abe Wife says "Most honest man I know"
Wrote a lot of notes Writes a lot of notes
Jokester Jokester
Scar on thumb from axe Scar on thumb from drywall knife
Courted wife 3 1/2 years Dated wife 3 1/2 years
Married an Episcopalian Married an Episcopalian
Had 4 kids Has 4 kids
4th child named Thomas 4th child named Thomas
Grew beard in his 50's Grew beard in his 50's
Grace Bedell letter reason for beard Grace Bedell movie reason for beard
Scraggly beard Scraggly beard
President of the USA President of car club and HOA
Stubborn Stubborn
Helped build log cabins Helped build houses/drywall
Put a lot of time & thought into speeches Puts a lot of time & thought into speeches
Not a dancer Not a dancer
Shy with the ladies Shy with the ladies
Married 1st week of November (4) Married 1st week of November (1)